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Clinical Social Work/Play Therapy

Clinical social workers are licensed mental health professionals trained to help people find solutions to life’s most challenging situations. Rehabilitation Associates, Inc.’s Social Workers play an integral role in the pediatric setting by helping children to improve their self-esteem. Through play therapy, children learn to utilize problem-solving skills and self-regulation skills to help improve their coping and increase their success in stressful situations. Parent, family, and non-related caregivers of the child are encouraged to participate in treatment to help the child be successful across different settings. The social work staff at Rehabilitation Associates, Inc. are here to help the child and family cope with the realities of living with chronic illness and disability.

Following a comprehensive initial evaluation, our social work department provides our clients with:

  • Education and information about their diagnosis, the rehabilitation process, and available support services.
  • Training in relaxation and stress management.
  • Individual, marital, and family therapy to assist clients with achieving the maximal adjustment to life altering situations.
  • Information about and referral to community resources.
  • Advocacy services to help clients and families secure benefits and entitlements.
  • Long-term care planning.