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Work Conditioning

People who are injured in the workplace require a comprehensive program whose goal is to treat the injured worker quickly and cost effectively. Work related injuries cause pain, loss of strength, loss of range of motion, and loss of endurance which all can significantly limit a person’s ability to function at home or at work. Research indicates that individuals who are treated as soon as possible have a better chance to return to work without complications due to psychosocial issues.

Rehabilitation Associates, Inc. is dedicated to maximizing the functional independence of our individual clients and providing a cost effective resolution to work related injuries for our industrial client companies. Our professional staff offers medical direction, case management services, Physical and Occupational Therapies, pre-employment screening and Clinical Social Work services.

Team members assess work related injuries through the use of functional capacity or ‘Fit for Duty’ evaluations. All programming is based on the objective data obtained and designed to ensure a fast, safe return to work and daily function. Our case management services provide employees and employers with a practical method of problem resolution. In addition, our ergonomics professionals can provide a range of services to prevent further injuries from occurring.