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Hand Therapy

Hand injuries are particularly devastating, because it is through our hands that we participate in work, play, and expressions of affection. Hands are intricate organs of movement and sensation. They constantly provide the mind with information about the environment-form, temperature, texture, size. They can produce a beautiful violin sonata, knot a richly textured sweater or operate a back hoe. Because of their complexity, and because they are so critical to all areas of life, hands require a careful specialized rehabilitation approach.

Rehabilitation Associates offers the expertise of Certified Hand Therapy for the specialized assessment and treatment of hand diseases, injuries and post-operative care. The Certified Hand Therapist works closely with physicians and hand surgeons to provide the best possible care for people with hand injuries. This may include protecting the post-operative or injured hand, analyzing for and providing state-of-the-art orthotics, and devising and progressing exercises and activities according to a strict schedule based on wound healing time lines and the structures involved. In addition, the therapist provides precisely graded home programs to encourage performance of therapeutic exercises and activities on a routine basis throughout the day in order to enable return to work, household and recreational activities as quickly, safely and cost effectively as possible.