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Clinical Social Work

When life suddenly or dramatically changes for people, it is sometimes difficult to cope, to understand what is happening, to make appropriate decisions, or to follow even the best advice. When a person experiences an impairment or disability, or when life spirals out of control, our Social Work staff can identify strategies to help make sense of what has happened and enable a person or family to regain their foothold on life.

Social Work helps individuals, spouses, and families make a positive adjustment to life altering situations such as sickness, disability, accidents, or pain. We train people in stress and pain management to reduce their need for medication. We provide information about and referral to community agencies and resources so that people can engage in or return to meaningful life activities. And, if life circumstances require a major life change, information about supportive environments (adult daycare, assisted living or nursing home options) are shared and assistance in accessing these levels of care is provided.