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Occupational Therapy Services

Rehabilitation Associates, Inc. is an Occupational Therapy provider. Our licensed occupational therapists work with you one-on-one during each session and customize a treatment plan that will work best for you. Occupational Therapy can assist those individuals who have injuries or impairments that make performance of their daily activities difficult or impossible to perform as they once did.

Our occupational therapists work to reduce the impairment that is getting in the way of your activities (gardening, getting dressed, preparing meals, etc.). They also work with you to adapt the tasks, tools, or environments to enable you to perform your activities in a modified way. Because so many daily activities require the use of a person’s arms and hands, Occupational Therapists focus heavily on hand and arm function using techniques to improve motion, strength, and coordination.

Our occupational therapists appreciate the individuality and complexity of the lives of the people we treat. They look at their needs and how those needs can best be met. For some people a comprehensive exercise program is all that is needed to get back to their work or play activities. For others, learning adapted techniques for activity performance or using special devices (from long-handled shoe horns to electric wheelchairs) that enable a person to perform a task are what is needed. When there is a question of safety in the home or the arrangement of a work station that may be causing cumulative trauma, evaluation visits to that home or worksite are performed and recommendations to improve the environment are made.