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Speech Therapy Services

Rehabilitation Associates, Inc. is a Speech Therapy provider. Our licensed speech-language pathologists work with you one-on-one during every session and create a customized treatment plan that works best for you.

Speech-language pathology includes the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of communication, voice, and swallowing disorders, and the provision of help to prevent such disorders.

Communication is essential for a meaningful quality of life. Our speech therapists help people communicate more effectively. The ability to communicate is more than just talking. It involves listening, understanding, reading, and writing. For communication to make sense it also involves being able to think clearly and remember information.

Our Speech Therapy program is designed help people who have injuries, limitations, or impairments that make communication difficult. We gear our treatment to the individual needs, interests, and demands of the person we treat. For example, an adult needing to return to work may need to answer phones, take messages, write emails and reports, make presentations, and do public speaking. A child in school may need to ask and answer questions, establish and maintain friendships, follow a complex schedule, and complete oral and written assignments. We work with each person to improve their speech, language, and/or cognitive-communication skills and then apply them to the settings in which they find themselves.

In addition to communication skills, our speech-language pathologists also have expertise in addressing difficulty with swallowing, or dysphagia. Clinicians in all five of our office locations can diagnose and treat a swallowing impairment, help you determine the safest diet consistency, and provide you with a comprehensive treatment program according to your individual needs. If you should require further testing, we also provide the FEES Swallowing Evaluation through our partnership with the CT Swallowing Center. For additional information, please see our FEES-Swallowing Evaluation page.