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Concussion Program

Our Concussion Program is managed by a team of licensed Physical Therapists and Clinical Speech-Language Pathologists. We have established a 10 step treatment progression for our patients that will move them toward symptom resolution. Our rehabilitation programs are customized for each patient based on their symptoms and deficits.

Each of our patients is given a thorough evaluation. The evaluation is designed to rule in or rule out any/all of the following issues and symptoms: Visual Convergence, Cervical Spine/Musculoskeletal, Visual Ocular Reflex, Vestibular/Disorders of the Inner Ear, Nystagmus, Balance, Processing and Cognition, and overall activity/exercise tolerance. Additionally, each patient and their family are educated in the proper method and progression of returning to school and athletic based activities. We provide feedback regarding a patient’s tolerance for volume of academic work as well as the complexity of the work that a patient may tolerate. We feel that a more ‘hands on’ proactive treatment approach based on an individual’s symptoms is the key to a faster recovery with less long term residual effects.