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Golf Program

Rehabilitation Associates, Inc. is proud to offer a golf rehabilitation/wellness program to all patients. Those who have injured themselves and wish to return to playing their beloved sport or those who wish to improve the strength/power in their golf swing are the ideal candidates for the program.

The golf rehabilitation and wellness program is run by our golf specialist who is a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified level II medical and fitness professional. Our specialist has experience treating a wide range of golfers that vary from head PGA professionals to the average weekend warrior. For those patients who are unable to play golf because of pain, the golf rehabilitation program is the perfect place to begin. You will be screened by our golf specialist to determine specific deficits for golf that could be leading to pain with your golf swing. From there, you will be prescribed the appropriate exercise and manual therapy to assist you in your return to golf as soon as possible.

When you complete your golf rehabilitation program, you are welcome to join our golf wellness program. This is a self pay program for those golfers who do not suffer from pain with their golf swing, but desire improved power/strength and golf performance. This program begins with the Titleist Performance Institute screen to determine body limitations. Once mobility, strength, and power deficits are determined, you will be prescribed an exercise program to address issues that could be costing you valuable yards on your drives. You will then work 1 on 1 with our specialist to elevate your game to levels you did not know you were capable of!

Both programs can alter the way you play the game of golf. Whether your goal is to play golf pain-free, or to gain extra yards, Rehabilitation Associates, Inc. has a golf program that will be tailored specifically to your needs. Contact our Stratford Office location for more information!