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Sports Medicine

Thousands of athletes are sidelined each year by various sports related orthopedic injuries. Unless an injury is severe, most people ignore their symptoms, hoping they will spontaneously disappear. Professional literature and experience illustrates otherwise: ignoring sports related aches and pains does not make them go away, but may, in fact, contribute to chronic pain and functional limitations.

Rehabilitation Associates, Inc. offers expert Sports Medicine evaluation and treatment of injuries. Our staff of Athletic Trainers, Physical and Occupational Therapists use cutting edge biomechanical information along with aggressive techniques to prevent injury and to rehabilitate injuries when they do occur. Our Certified Athletic Trainers provide services in the following areas:

  • School based teacher education and student workshops regarding current health issues
  • On-field injury assessment, evaluation, and First Aid
  • Development of individualized strength and conditioning programs
  • Functionally based rehabilitation programming to ensure safe return to athletic activities
  • Aggressive exercise programming as a vital adjunct to conventional orthopedic rehabilitation

Our Sports Medicine program has been keeping high school, collegiate, and professional athletes off the sidelines and in competition for years. Please contact us to learn more!